ŞENBAK hydraulic tension apparatus is the perfect system which enables the blades on the gangsaw equipped with diamond sockets to be evenly tensioned. The gangsaw blades equipped with this system increases the production in high proportions. A hydraulic accumulator is used to keep the tensions even on the gangsaws without strongbox. Hydraulic tension apparatus is produced to cut marbles from 15 mm to endless thickness. Hydraulic system is applied in two steps;     1. First of all the tension is adjusted to 15 kgf with an armed wrench.     2. The second step is to adjust the tension with an easily installed pump in means of tons which can be read on the pressure gauge. The blades of the gangsaw tensioners are tensioned between 9 - 10 tons. Our company is manufactured tension system for 10 mm.-11 mm.-12,5 mm. minimum cut.(Double hydraulic tensioner for 10 mm) And also manufactures 12 ton hydraulic tension system according to the specific requirements.



To become a respectable and qualified company in the sector through offering any applications and solutions in the most effective and quality manner, which will meet with our customers requirements in due time and seamlessly, by utilizing the latest information and communication technologies.


We will implement the “product and production responsibility”with the systems we built in the context of global quality management standards and will maintain it through enhancing continuously.


The “Quality First“ principle is the base of all our operations in terms of preventing errors from the beginning, non- stop improvement and process management with goals.  The “Customer Satisfaction” will be achieved by meeting their expectations on time, being a solution partner in their new projects and utilizing the latest technology which makes the costs effectiveness.  We will provide to get our employees accessing the latest theoretical and functional information and using them in an accurate manner with the “Planned Trainings”.  We will completely obey the laws and the contemporary demands in the fields of the “Environmental Protection and Job Security”.  We will create “Active Business Effects” by following the principles of “Efficiency and Savings” which prevent time, cost and resource consume through developing our infrastructure and the working environment with all our suppliers and employees.